Andrew Michael Andrews


Recent Additions and other Individual Projects.

A Chinese-junk-inspired cruise ship anchored before the karsts in a misty Halong Bay.
Hạlong Bay (2023)

Inspired by my visit to the real Hạlong Bay in Vietnam, April 2023.

A view of the Nine Arch Bridge, Demodara, Sri Lanka
Nine Arch Bridge (2021)

Inspired by my visit to the real Nine Arch Bridge in Sri Lanka, March 2019.

Earth, centered on the Americas, pocked with red
                  triangular and mushroom-shaped growths as depicted on images
                  of SARS-CoV-2.
Pandemic (2020)

This is my reaction to COVID-19. I originally intended to add a face mask over the image, but when a quick web search turned up dozens of images of the planet wearing a mask, I decided against it.

Silhouettes of four women use mobile phones as they walk
                  in different directions across a rectangular, flat brown
                  base. Between them, the silhouette of a man stands with
                  hands in pockets.
Piazza Giacometti 2020 (2020)

Inspired by Alberto Giacometti's Piazza (c1948).

A simulated window with a rectangular painted wood frame
                  that divides the view of an Asian tea house into segments.
                  The outer segments simulate red stained glass, while the
                  inner segment simulates frosted glass with an etched pattern
                  of red bamboo leaves.
Window (2020)

Inspired by a real window in the Chinese Garden of Friendship in Sydney, using a photo of the tea house in the Isamu Taniguchi Japanese Garden at Zilker Botanical Gardens in Austin.

A grid of thick gray lines on the right, with pale yellow
                  and dark blue rectangles between them. A field of dark blue
                  on the left, with pale yellow, four-pointed star shapes
                  scattered across the top half.
Nyadbi (2020)

Inspired by Starry night in Jimbirla country, but with a decidedly more urban feel.

Australia depicted using punched-out paper dots arranged
                  in concentric rings of red, orange and yellow, surrounded by
                  rings of blue and gray dots representing the ocean.
                  Aboriginal dreamtime symbols representing a journey from
                  Melbourne to Uluru to Cairns to Sydney.
Dreamtime (2018)

Thousands of punched-hole tabs were glued to a background to create this representation of my travels in Australia, accurately using Aboriginal symbols to depict the journey.

A rendition of Andy Warhol: Flowers using cut-and-layered posterboard.
Appropriated Appropriation (2016)

Cut-and-layered posterboard appropriating Andy Warhol: Flowers, which in turn appropriated a photograph by Patricia Caulfield.

Green grass standing before an orange background.
Orange Grass (2000)

Under the psuedonym "Rev" Andrews, I submitted this photo to a contest in the short-lived new music magazine Revolution (not to be confused with the current periodical for timepiece aficionados!). It was selected as one of four runners-up; I have always suspected that only five entries were submitted and they wanted to ackowledge all of them!