Andrew Michael Andrews

Hudson Valley

ONGOING: Landscapes of the Hudson Valley, inspired by the Hudson River School but adapted to suit my technique.

A two-story old stone mill stands in the background along
                  the left, with low waterfalls cascading in the foreground on
                  the right. Many trees fill in the scene.
Falls at Claverack Creek (2021)

My most complex cut-paper project to date, with more than thirty layers to depict the complexity of the falls and the gradual drop in elevation. The old mill at 212 Rt 25, Stottville, NY is now a home.

A lighthouse is perched on a stone outcropping in the
                  middle of a wide river. Tall, wavy grass-like weeds
                  span the foreground, with trees growing on a low rocky
                  peninsula behind them. The Catskill Mountains loom in
                  the distance with lush foothills before them.
Esopus Lighthouse (2022)

The Esopus Meadows Lighthouse as seen from Ogden Mills & Ruth Livingston Mills State Park.

A tall, narrow waterfall spills over a ledge of
                  stacked sedimentary rocks into a pool of dark water.
                  Bulbous outlines in shades of yellow, green and orange
                  reach into the partly-cloudy sky behind the falls,
                  suggesting the full splendor of autumn leaves.
Autumn at Awosting Falls (2021)

A view of the falls in autumn. Approximating the changing leaves was a challenge, but I like the way the detail of the wall of rocks contrasts with their vague abstraction.