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Andrew Michael Andrews is an American artist based in New York City, New York, United States. He works primarily in art paper, but occasionally dabbles in large-scale installations, digitally-manipulated photography, mixed materials and fiction.

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Artist Statement

I use cut-and-layered art paper to create minimally-representational bas-relief landscapes. My medium allows me to reduce each scene to its most critical elements by varying the level of detail between one component of the scene and another. This produces a somewhat-ambiguous result, allowing viewers to apply their own interpretation to the work.


I begin by taking digital photo(s) of the subject(s) that I want to depict, then use GIMP to crop, combine and otherwise manipulate the images to compose the desired scene.

After printing an image, I trace the outline onto colored paper (typically Canson Mi-Teintes art paper). Because the paper is already solid-colored, each color that I want in the result must be traced (cut) separately. The number of colors selected naturally affects the amount of detail that can be conveyed, and I vary the level of detail to focus attention on the critical elements that can identify an object without making it too specific. The effect is somewhat mysterious, and for human figures it can even be haunting.

Layering the cutouts creates a shallow 3-D effect. Whenever possible, each layer incorporates the outline of the layers in front of it, providing additional sturdiness and enhancing the three-dimensional effect. Also, except for some details, I try to create each layer "from the ground up," so the desired result can be obtained simply by standing each layer on its bottom edge, in front of the next, without permanently attaching them. This, too, enhances the 3-D effect.

For most works, the layers are finally glued together for permanence.