Andrew Michael Andrews

8-Bit City

Four Manhattan Parks in the style of Pitfall!™ by Activision®

Washington Square, Union Square, Bryant and Central Parks, depicted as scenes from the 1980s video game, 'Pittfall!'. In each scene, pedestrians surround iconic landmarks, with subway tunnels represented below the scene.

I have long made a mental connection between the New York City subways and the 1980s video game Pitfall!, and I believe that an MTA New York City Subway Artcard is the perfect medium to express this relationship. My project depicts Washington Square Park, Union Square Park, Bryant Park and Central Park's Conservatory Water—and of course, the subway system—as scenes from the groundbreaking early home video game.

Inspired by...

Triumphal arch and fountain basin in Washington Square Park. Subway entrance and Washington monument in Union Square Park. Scene from Colecovision version of Pittfall! depicting rolling logs and holes that access tunnel from surface. New York Public Library looms behind Bryant Park lawn. Conservatory Water and Kerbs Boathouse in Central Park.