A Collection of Works about New York City

One-inch squares of newspaper are arranged in a 50×42 grid to depict Midtown Manhattan.

View from Hawksbill Summit

Shenandoah National Park

Colored paper cut-and-layered to represent the view from Hawksbill Summit in Shenandoah National Park, mounted on a scroll of golden fabric with rustic handles made of tree branches.

8-Bit City

Four Manhattan Parks in the style of Pitfall!™ by Activision®

Washington Square, Union Square, Bryant and Central Parks, depicted as scenes from the 1980s video game, 'Pittfall!'. In each scene, pedestrians surround iconic landmarks, with subway tunnels represented below the scene.


Humans, Imagined or Otherwise

Portrait of a woman with a face made of flames.

The Edge

A Stick Man's Breakup

A stick figure woman pushes a stick figure man over the edge of a cliff.

National Mall

Presidential Monuments in Washington, DC

Colored paper cut-and-layered to represent the Lincoln Memorial viewed from the east.

Lost in a Crowd

Afflictions of an Individual in a Conformist Society

A cluster of very similar white circles are separated from a single, distinct, yellow circle.

Great Wall

Memories of the Great Wall of China near Jianshangling

A segment of the Great Wall of China runs along a ridge near Jianshangling.

The Neighbors

Digitally-enhanced Photos of Brooklyn Fire Hydrants

A thin, partly-rusted, red hydrant with a silver bonnet is missing a pumper nozzle cap.